It is time.

Hello, dear ones!

Thank you for the flood of email prayer intentions.  Thank you for trusting God with your needs and desires, and knowing that I will bring them to Him every opportunity I find.

You all remind me of an especially beautiful Eucharistic reflection guide:

“Do you need to ask a favor on someone’s behalf? Tell Me his name. Could it be your parents, your brothers, or your friends? Tell Me what you would want Me to do at the present time for them. Ask for much, very much; do not hesitate to ask; I like hearts that forget themselves in order to alleviate the needs of others. Speak to Me then, with simplicity, of all the poor whom you would like to console; of the sick whom you see suffer; of those who have gone astray whom you wish to see on the right path again; of your friends who are far away and whom you would like to see at your side. Talk to Me, but like a friend, trusting with all your heart. Remember, I have promised to hear every request that comes from the heart; and should not the plea and requesting favor for those whom your heart most especially loves comes from your own heart?

And for you, do you need any graces? Make Me a list, if you wish, of all your needs to come and read it in My presence.  Tell Me frankly that you are proud, love sensuality and luxuries…Then ask Me to help you as you struggle to be free of such miseries!”
I was writing down your many intentions, I was thinking over and over that one special line of Christ’s: “I like hearts that forget themselves to alleviate the needs of others.”
Beautiful, your faith is beautiful!  Thank you for sharing your joy and trust with me as we go before God. Now, I must ask you to keep me in your prayers. I depart tomorrow, July 11th, for Tel Aviv!
Yours in Christ through Mary,

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