Todo es pura vida; todo es rico.

When in doubt, “rico” it out.

Que rico! is a phrase that could be applied to many situations, and although it isn’t as widely comprehensive as pura vida, it’s pretty useful.  The phrase literally translates to “how rich.”  And I’m about to introduce you to something you’ll want to say que rica about: my host momma’s cookin’, and the cooking I’ve been blessed to learn about through my programa.

Yes, friends, this is a food post!!

I have not been taking pictures of all my meals, as my friend, Sarita, has been doing.  But here we go!  Some of my favorites so far.

I am no professional food photographer, but I hope you appreciate how well my host family feeds me.  Dinners are yummy too, I just don’t usually stop to take a picture after a long day!  I’d much rather enjoy the deliciousness presented to me with so much love and selflessness, so these pictures are merely a glimpse into how sweet and good my family is to me.


We also had a cooking class last week: un taller de cocina (cooking workshop).  We made traditional Costa Rican foods and were given the recipes which we can take home to the States and spread the delicious love! (That’s right Flagstaff and CUA dorm kitchens: I’m comin for ya with the good stuff!)

What’s that you’re saying? You want another set of pictures? Oh, fiiiine.  (If you scroll your mouse over the pictures and click on them, they each have captions!)

Ok, that’s quite a few food pictures! Soon, I’ll also want to share some of my flower photos, and a few more stories from my experience so far!

God has, of course, made Himself present in everything and everyone here.  My group is wonderful, I’m feeling healthy and good, my family is more than I could have asked for (and I get to meet my other host sister on Sunday!), and God has provided all that I may live this life with abundance.

Food is always important in any culture.  And I am glad I have the blessing of exploring this culture of Costa Rica with my taste buds. Que rico, no?


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