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Edit: (So embarrassing – published this without adding a title… I know I can change it, but it’s too late! Too little, too late, right JoJo? I hope y’all enjoy my unnamed project. All I wanted to do was show you a little bit of CR!)

Hola a todos!

So…I know this post probably will not seem aburrido (boring) to all y’all winter weather people, but, *ahem*, it’s just a little update, a few pretty pictures of Costa Rica and la vida aqui. These sights are quickly becoming everyday normalities (?) for me, but I hope to not forget the blessing of being here.

Without further ado:


Here is my house, mi casa. From here, it is an easy ten minute walk to the university (which we call “la U” or “la U La” or “la U Latina“: beautiful temperatures in the morning, before my 8 am class, and sometimes a little chilly in the evening, but I take a taxi if the sun has gone down – for safety.  An average day so far has been in the high-60s in the morning, and then mid-70s during the day, and back down to the mid-high-60s at night.  It’s shorts and t-shirt weather every day, although when it is windy, that wind can be preeeetty strong!  I’ve become a taxi pro because I’ve taken taxis quite a few times to get to Mass.

(Just made a little picture layout there, so I don’t know how it’ll show up when I actually post this thing. God willing, it won’t be a mess!)


Now, to show you my school!


This, this is the (second) best view I have seen while in Costa Rica!  I like that Heredia is so hilly, because although driving is crazy here (as it seems to be everywhere that isn’t the good ol’ US where lines are painted on roads and stop signs are obeyed), you never know what view you’ll have of the city or the mountains/volcanoes while you drive around.

If you were wondering, the best view so far has been from la Iglesia de los Misioneros del Espiritu Santo (the Church of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit), where I went for Sunday Mass with my Mama Tica.  That church is situated on the very top of a hill, and although the part that made it so beautiful was that the Sacred Mass was being celebrated, the view out the window was majestic.  Majestic in the way that a city is majestic.  Majestic in that I know very few people here, yet so many have lived here all their lives. And majestic because I don’t know their stories, but they have created something beautiful.  Majestic because the view is a sign that people are living, thriving, praying, developing, growing, starting families, mourning loved ones, making mistakes, hopefully learning. I cannot put my finger on why I love views of bustling city life so much, but I think it may be simply this: I love to know that others are thriving.

And, of course, the mountains only add to this throbbing majesty, and sometimes, in the morning, there is fog left over, still clinging to the edges of the mountains, not yet pushed away by the sunshine.

I haven’t been beyond Heredia yet, but I know this country is something special, something beautiful.

Well, that’ll have to sustain you all for a little while! I meant to go to bed some time ago, but I was excited to share these pictures. (If you didn’t see above, the pictures should each have captions! I think you have to click on or mouse over the picture to read them.)

Oh, and one last thing.  God is so good.  I do not know how else to say it, but my troubles did not disappear when I got on San Jose bound flight 122.  (Duh.)  No, my problems, my sins, sickness, etc.  All of that followed me here to Costa Rica, but God never left me.  He never let me feel abandoned.  He is guiding me through every moment, and I hope that my life right now (and always) can be a testament to His faithfulness.  Please pray for some people here in Costa Rica who are perhaps not living the most wholesome life, and please pray for safety for all the crazy drivers around here!

Thank you, as always, for following me on this journey.  Love to all!

Bonus picture of my taxi ride after Mass tonight:


Mr. Taxi Driver, taxi driving right along! (Minus the stopped traffic) I didn’t catch this man’s name, but I have had some very kind drivers! They either try to speak to me with their limited English, attempt to decipher my often confused Spanish, or suggest that, if we ride again together in the future, I practice my Spanish with them, and they practice their English with me! Usually, it’s a combination of those three.

The driver was heavy on the horn, but I think he wanted to get home to his family, which I can certainly understand! Plus, we all get grumpy sometimes 🙂


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  1. anna.rosita · January 26, 2016

    Beautiful, Erin dear!! ❤❤❤


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